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The Kidnapping of the

Lindbergh Baby

charles and anne.jpg
linbergh and anne in plane.jpg

Anne and Charles Lindbergh

Anne and Charles Lindbergh


Charles Lindbergh, JR


Charles Lindbergh, JR

house with ladder.jpg

Hopewell House, New Jersey; News Article

Charles Lindbergh

1st ransom note.jpg

First Ransom Note


Ladder Used in Crime

skull diagram 1.jpg
ladder diagram.JPG.jpg

Ladder Deconstructed and Numbered by Prosecutors

Diagram of Baby Charlie's Skull

crime scene photos.jpg

Crime Scene Photos

Lindbergh takes the witness stand during
crime scene photo 2.jpg

Crime Scene Photos

sketch with bruno.jpg

Eye Witness Sketch with Hauptmann

Bruno Richard Hauptmann's Trial

A painstaking analysis of Hauptmann’s ha
knoll sketch.jpg

Eye Witness Sketch with 

Ransom Note Handwriting analysis

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